Contact your doctor with questions or issues such as

  • You want to discuss another therapy or device. Learn more about the difference in CPAP and BiPAP here.

  • You are drowsy during the day, even though you are using your PAP therapy.

  • You are short of breath.

  • You have more coughing or mucus than normal.

  • Your mouth and / or nose is extremely dry or you have nosebleeds.

  • You are dizzy.

  • You have pain in your nose, sinuses or ears.

Contact Verus first with questions or issues such as

  • You need new supplies [link to replacement schedule].
  • You have updated insurance, or you need to update your contact information.
  • Proper use of the equipment, or difficulty using the equipment.
  • Equipment is not functioning properly.
  • Your physician has asked you to discontinue using your PAP therapy.
  • You notice a decrease in airflow.
  • Your pressure seems too high or too low.
  • You become hospitalized or are admitted to a nursing facility.


Corporate Address

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